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False Arrest

New York Attorney For NYPD False Arrests
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New York Attorney For NYPD False Arrests

Racial Profiling

Police officers must have probable cause for an arrest. If a person is arrested without probable cause, he or she may be under false arrest. This is a violation of a person’s civil rights. If you or a loved one believes you are the victim of false arrest or another form of police brutality, it is in your best interests to seek representation from an experienced lawyer.


At the Law Offices of Bonita E. Zelman, we are known throughout New York for our services in the area of police brutality law. Ms. Zelman is highly recognized for her work representing victims of police brutality, including cases involving police shootings, deadly force and more.


A Highly Experienced False Arrest And Police Brutality Attorney

In order to be effective in representing an individual against law enforcement, your lawyer must have in-depth knowledge of the law. Your lawyer must also have the resources at hand to prove that procedures were not followed and there was no probable cause for the arrest. Cases involving false arrest can also involve other matters such as excessive force, all types of civil rights violations, including jail neglect and abuse.


For more than 35 years, Bonita Zelman has been handling landmark police brutality cases throughout the state. She has resources she can call upon to provide authoritative testimonials about the evidence involved in the case and the resulting injuries. As an experienced courtroom attorney, she knows that meticulous attention to detail is necessary in preparing your case. She will stand by your side, listen to you and make sure your voice is heard.

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