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Police Misconduct

NYPD Police Misconduct Attorney
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NYPD Police Misconduct Attorney

Excessive Force

Police officers are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that provides for the safety and security of those around them, as well as according to established policies and procedures. When they act in a manner that causes harm or violates procedures, officers may be facing accusations of police misconduct. If you believe you have been the victim of police misconduct, it is essential that you protect yourself with the help of an experienced attorney.


At the Law Offices of Bonita E. Zelman, we are highly experienced at handling all aspects of police misconduct. We are aggressive in our handling of these cases, as no misconduct by law enforcement should be tolerated. Attorney Bonita Zelman has been handling police misconduct and other legal matters for over 35 years. She leads our firm in offering tailored, quality representation while working to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and legal ethics.


Police Misconduct Issues

We work hard to see that our clients’ rights are protected when they have been the victim of any type of police misconduct by the NYPD, including:



We also handle police brutality cases, which often involve excessive force and other physical abuses of their power as police officers.

Excessive Force During Traffic Stops

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