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Racial Profiling By NYPD

Fighting Racial Profiling By NYPD
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Fighting Racial Profiling

Police and prosecutors need probable cause to make an arrest, obtain a search warrant or take other actions to investigate someone for possible criminal activity. What they cannot do is unfairly target someone because of his or her race.


Unfortunately, recent news reports have shown that the NYPD and other police forces around the country routinely engage in racial profiling. At the Law Offices of Bonita E. Zelman, we have a long track record of representing the victims of civil rights violations at the hands of police in New York City and throughout the state.

Racial Profiling

Protecting Your Civil Rights When Police Unfairly Target You

Police often rely on excuses such as looking for a suspect fitting a specific description to engage in racial profiling. Some examples include:


  • Stopping all drivers of certain races who are driving through wealthy neighborhoods where they “look out of place”
  • NYPD stopping and frisking all people of a certain race who are “acting suspicious”
  • Conducting illegal surveillance and harassing people of a certain race under the guise of “terrorism prevention”


In one recent incident in New York, a van full of black parole officers who were sporting proper identification was stopped and surrounded by several local white police officers with guns drawn. The police had no cause to stop the car. This is an instance of what has come to be known as “driving while black.”

Racial Profiling 2

An Experienced Lawyer Who Can Help

Formal studies prove that police departments and street-level officers continue to engage in profiling. Law enforcement, however, has the duty and obligation to respect your civil rights.


That is why it is important to turn to an experienced attorney like Bonita Zelman, who has frequently been featured in the media for her role in representing high-profile victims of police misconduct and brutality. She is a lawyer with the knowledge, trial experience and resources to protect your rights against powerful forces such as the NYPD or the New York State Police.


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