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Your Rights In A Medical Malpractice Case

Your Rights As A Patient
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Your Rights As A Patient

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As a patient or a concerned relative, you have certain rights that health care professionals must respect. This is to protect you in the case of medical malpractice or negligence.


Enforcing your rights and getting justice is what we focus on here at the Law Offices of Bonita E. Zelman. We have built a long record of successfully representing the victims of medical malpractice throughout New York. We can inform you of your rights and help you determine how to proceed with your case.


We Can Protect Your Rights

We have dealt with numerous clients who are afraid to exercise their rights on their own behalf or on behalf of a family member for fear of retaliation. A hospital or health care organization cannot refuse treatment or remove you from the premises for ensuring proper care is given in your or your loved one’s treatment. Remember:


  • You can document your treatment while in a hospital or doctor’s office. That includes taking pictures.
  • Health care organizations must protect your records and privacy.
  • Only a licensed health care professional can provide your care.
  • You can refuse consent to have your procedure telecast or observed as part of a case study.


Bonita Zelman is currently representing patients of North Shore University Hospital who were the victims of identity theft due to an employee stealing patient records. Names, addresses and Social Security numbers were used to purchase expensive goods and run up large credit card balances. She has also represented the victims of an unlicensed doctor who worked on patients who were billed by a licensed doctor.


In these cases and many others, she uses her more than 35 years of legal experience and large network of experts and resources to build strong claims. Additionally, we stress close client communication and learning the full nature of your injuries so we can maximize your compensation.

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