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Taser / Stun Gun Injuries

New York Attorney For NYPD Taser Gun Injury Cases
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New York Attorney For NYPD Taser Gun Injury Cases

If you or a loved one has been injured because of excessive or deadly force used by law enforcement, you need your voice to be heard. With help from our law firm, you can be certain that your story is heard and that you are represented with strong advocacy.


The Law Offices of Bonita E. Zelman is known throughout New York for taking on some of the most complex police brutality cases. Our New York NYPD taser gun injury lawyer has more than 35 years of experience advocating for victims. Bonita Zelman is aggressive, persistent and knows the law.

Taser Stun Gun Injuries

Misuse Of Taser And Stun Guns

There are specific rules about when and how law enforcement can use a taser gun. For instance, an officer is not allowed to taser a civilian near the heart because the electrical impulses could result in a serious injury or fatality. Law enforcement frequently neglects these rules and use excessive force with taser or stun guns.


Cases involving taser gun injuries may also involve civil rights violations, false arrest or deadly force of a weapon. Attorney Bonita Zelman has been successful in representing victims in all of these types of brutality cases and knows what needs to be proven in order to reach a successful outcome.

Taser Stun Gun Injuries 2

Making A Difference

Attorney Bonita Zelman represented two students who were tasered by law enforcement under extreme circumstances. After trying to help a friend, the students were told to put their hands in the air. The students did so but were still injured after the use of a taser gun. Our firm represented the students and was able to recover a significant amount of compensation on behalf of the students and their families.


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